The Cloud’s Changing Landscape: Businesses Bringing Servers Back to On-Premises

The cloud revolution has transformed the way businesses operate, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution for IT infrastructure management. However, recent trends indicate a shift in the cloud landscape, with some companies opting to repatriate their servers back to on-premises environments. The primary driver behind this trend is the increasing costs associated with cloud subscriptions. … Read more

Makes you WannaCry

Cybercrime is all too prevalent, and, like most crimes, it leaves you feeling angry, vulnerable and violated. And we know it’s on the rise and getting frighteningly sophisticated. For example, these days, a professional ransomware ‘provider’ will have its own customer service desk, ensuring that its client base will be able to expedite their demands … Read more

Benefits of Contract Hire

I think it’s safe to say that every business requires help with services which they themselves aren’t specialists in! For instance, most businesses have both an outsourced legal and financial services contact – and trust, competence and respect is vital for these supplier relationships to continue. As an IT engineer I’ve worked in the business … Read more

Understanding VoIP…

VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol, so a VoIP phone call is made and received over the internet instead of traditional analogue lines. When I talk about VoIP to people they often have two impressions: either Skype (or a similar ‘free’ internet app), or a pricey Cisco or Avaya system that costs … Read more

Keep IT Simple, Stupid!

When we think about the word ‘simple’ we often think of easy, or not particularly functional. But when it comes to your computer system, this definition is most definitely a misnomer because keeping it simple can greatly improve efficiency and overall productivity. The key to simplicity is not to reduce the functionality of a system … Read more

Communication or obfuscation?

Technology has changed our lives immeasurably, especially in the way we choose to communicate with each other because, yes siree, we have so very many choices to choose from. 100 years ago most people would send letters, which could take days, to communicate with one another. Even 20-30 years ago the phone call was the … Read more

Breach? What breach?

Let’s start off with a quiz. What software version of your email server do you use? Is it the latest? What remote access do you provide? Do you keep track of who logs in and when? Do you know what virtual doors you have open to the outside world? I think by now we’ve all … Read more

The future (and computing)

Our technical Director Kieran Chakravorty has some thoughts regarding computers. Here’s one of them… As anyone could easily guess after one look at my black rimmed glasses, socially awkward posture and utter lack of fashion sense – I am a computer geek. Therefore rather than being connected to human beings like most sane people are, … Read more