The Cloud’s Changing Landscape: Businesses Bringing Servers Back to On-Premises

The cloud revolution has transformed the way businesses operate, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution for IT infrastructure management. However, recent trends indicate a shift in the cloud landscape, with some companies opting to repatriate their servers back to on-premises environments. The primary driver behind this trend is the increasing costs associated with cloud subscriptions. … Read more

Makes you WannaCry

Cybercrime is all too prevalent, and, like most crimes, it leaves you feeling angry, vulnerable and violated. And we know it’s on the rise and getting frighteningly sophisticated. For example, these days, a professional ransomware ‘provider’ will have its own customer service desk, ensuring that its client base will be able to expedite their demands … Read more

IT in the modern world

I started my career fresh out of college in 2004 as a trainee. As part of my education, both in college and on the job, I was taught extensively about the various network topologies and how they’d evolved. In essence, a business IT system and the almost inescapable pervasiveness of the redundant star topology, where … Read more

What makes Linux the sustainable operating system? Let’s take a look..

During the pandemic, there was a shortage of microchips that are needed to produce new computers. At the same time, the latest versions of proprietary operating systems required higher minimum standards. There’s a large gap here that Linux and open source can neatly bridge. Linux has long been known for extending the life of older … Read more

My Digital Jukebox

During an enthusiastic online discussion about some great Linux apps, VLC was mentioned by many, so I thought I would share a little more of my experience. I set my team the following challenge. As a family, we still buy music in digital format despite the bitter taste of having lost stuff when I left … Read more

Business growth and effective technology

It’s a good feeling when your business grows. But growth can also lead to unforeseen problems. Effective use of technology is the foundation of many successful business growth strategies. Yet finding and implementing the appropriate technology solutions can often be a challenge. I’m often called in to advise businesses that aren’t technologically equipped for the … Read more