13th November 2016

Breach? What breach?

Let’s start off with a quiz. What software version of your email server do you use? Is it the latest? What remote access do you provide? […]
4th March 2016

Dear tech writers: My mother already has a kindle

Here’s 10 awesome things to get for Mother’s day instead. Every year I prepare for the posts about mother’s day and let out a sigh for […]
3rd March 2016

The future (and computing)

Our technical Director Kieran Chakravorty has some thoughts regarding computers. Here’s one of them… As anyone could easily guess after one look at my black rimmed […]
17th February 2016

Why automating your social media doesn’t work

It’s time to stop relying on robots and start talking to people again. Social media is great. It is an excellent way for businesses to communicate […]
13th November 2015

5 ways to avoid an IT disaster

As sure as death, children and taxes, you are going to experience an IT disaster at least once in the course of your life. The main […]
3rd November 2015

3 Open Source business alternatives to Microsoft

Microsoft has been considered the standard in the business world for so long now that most of us aren’t even aware that there are alternatives. Well, […]
28th September 2015

How to survive Monday… with demotivational posters

We don’t like Mondays apparently. I’m not sure what it is about Monday specifically that makes us dread getting up first thing, but personally I’ve always […]
17th July 2015
wake up

10 types of people you meet in every office

Well, maybe not every office, but plenty have their fair share of these types. Do you know one of these? If you don’t, you may be […]
14th July 2015

4 open source products to use instead of Adobe.

Step away from the torrent. You do not need to pirate any software, ever. I am writing this because I know (without naming names) many businesses […]
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