Benefits of Contract Hire


I think it’s safe to say that every business requires help with services which they themselves aren’t specialists in! For instance, most businesses have both an outsourced legal and financial services contact – and trust, competence and respect is vital for these supplier relationships to continue.

As an IT engineer I’ve worked in the business environment for more years than I care to think about and it is abundantly clear that IT is as important a relationship as a trusted accountant or legal advisor, but rarely considered as such! So when my business partner Jane and I started Invicta Linux we decided that we would offer an alternative to the standard IT solutions provision options – the Contract Hire system we pride ourselves on.

In essence, our Contract Hire services mean that rather than owning a server, which will inevitably become obsolete, you effectively get the server and us as a package. Essentially this means that we provide and look after your business IT solution solution, ensuring it fits your ongoing business needs as these change and is always in perfect working order! In other words we partner with your business.

IT support now has a legendary status as one of the least enjoyed and least profitable aspects of business that exists today. Wouldn’t it be better if you never had to ring your IT team to complain about an echo in your phone calls or missing email? Well that’s one of the key ideas behind Contract Hire. We continually work with you to maintain and evolve the solution to avoid the dreaded support call. As businesses we should help each other and focus on what we do best because that’s when business is at its best.

Business doesn’t change at the same rate as technology, but all businesses evolve and in this day and age we really have to concentrate on what we are good at and outsource the rest. So why not rethink the way we deal with technology as part of this evolution? I don’t know many businesses who don’t rent a main printer from a dedicated supplier, but why stop there though?

I love building relationships with clients over a long period of time, they learn about us and we learn about them which makes our job easier and their experience smoother. Contract Hire helps binds the business on a promise of honesty and integrity. Isn’t that the key to good business?

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