• “We were looking for an easy to manage email solution that we could buy off-the-shelf…..Kerio Connect is solid, secure and reliable – and that’s exactly what we wanted. For our 237 Ryman stores, it’s a cost-effective choice with a full range of features.”
    Jeremy Fiddler, Head of Group IT at Ryman.
  • “”We had a good firewall, but the manufactures had announced end-of-support, meaning there would be no new firmware to keep the appliance updated. We looked at the market and dismissed some products that offered far too much complexity for our needs and rejected others because they were too basic. We needed something that would defend our network against the ever-growing threats, wasn’t a full-time job to administer and would provide some advanced features such as load balancing and VPN access. Invicta Linux recommended a product they had been testing and once they demonstrated it to us, we knew we’d found the right solution. Control UTM is beautifully simple to administer and yet does all the things you’d expect it to do as far as protecting the network from outside and inside threats. Web access control allows you to fine-tune group access, making administration easy. The VPN clients are unrestricted and straight-forward to use. We can set up as many as we need without incurring additional costs. When we needed to expand, we didn’t need to purchase a larger appliance because Invicta Linux had built the UTM on a microserver, which we were able to upgrade. All the configuration was simply transferred to the replacement server with no down-time. The firmware gets updated regularly to meet new threats, with a major release once or twice a year so we know we’re always protected.” 
    Mark Taylor, IT Manager
    John Hellyar Plastics
  • “We had an SBS 2003 server which was beginning to show signs of instability and needed to be replaced.Invicta Linux assessed our requirements and recommended Kerio Connect to replace Exchange and Control for our perimeter defence server. Initially we were worried that some of our people would struggle to move away from the familiarity of Outlook, but actually those who want to can still use Outlook seamlessly. If they are away from the office they can access their emails through Kerio webmail, which is lightening quick but provides the same collaborative features. Our biggest concern was migrating the emails from the old to new system but Invicta Linux gave us all the guidance required so this process ran smoothly with no disruption to our business. The Unified Threat Management server was also installed by Invicta Linux which allows me to control the perimeter of my network and provide simple and unlimited VPN access. It also provides reporting, which allows me to see exactly where our bandwidth is being chewed up. We’re very happy with the results. Swapping from a Windows infrastructure to Open Source with the addition of a Drobo drive for our data store has allowed us to simplify our network without any major loss of features.”
    Matt Bartlet, Operations Manager
    Chord Electronics
  • Stefan Walker, Director
    “We have been well-served over the years by a Microsoft Small Business Server. When Microsoft called time and the popular SBS line was discontinued choices were limited: going cloud-based was out of the question and an enterprise-class server was overkill. In talking to our IT partners, Invicta Linux, we were recommended to take a look at a new server range – EOS (Easy Office Server). Built on the secure and popular Ubuntu operating system, the EOS supports three servers in one robust box: The file server acts just like our existing server, providing file storage, security and authentication. The second server within EOS is our email server, Connect. This primarily web based email solution appealed to us due to its simplicity and it was very reassuring before committing, to see a demonstration at Invicta Linux’s headquarters and to hear it is an award winning alternative to Exchange and supports Outlook. The third server within EOS is a private cloud server. We have found this offers us huge benefits including secure file sharing and email notifications with both colleagues and our clients, access from anywhere, and version control and document collaboration in real-time. The private cloud is available using a web browser from any machine. On top of this we can create ‘portals’ for clients and suppliers and share files and folders with them. Installation was carried out in a day by efficient and friendly staff with minimum down time, and full training was given to ensure that all staff at 3D Displays felt comfortable with the system and were able to carry out administration functions.”
  • Charles Wingrove
    “Within several hours of using it I found myself much more comfortable with administering our network security configuration than I’d ever been when dealing with our old Juniper hardware. It provides a transparent and flexible solution that makes the task of looking after this environment a lot less frightening than before. The guys at Invicta Linux couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful throughout the implementation and training stages of this project.”
  • “Now, we can access our emails from anywhere, have a robust file server and can use our private cloud to share files, documents, photos etc, with our UK and international colleagues, customer and suppliers. EOS has given 3D Displays added functionality as well as mobility allowing us to do most of our work from any workstation, anywhere..”
  • Phil Loveridge
    “When Invicta Linux demonstrated their Operator VoIP system, it looked very simple to administer, provided huge flexibility, included an interface for the users and the server could be located at one of our offices. We saw huge benefits after the change-over, allowing us system flexibility and save call costs at the same time..”
    Phil Loveridge
    Spurling Cannon