Our BackupMaster offers businesses a secure on site backup facility. The BackupMaster is kept at your premises and is a physical, secure place to send and store company backups. BackupMaster offers far more resilience than backing up straight to external drives, although you can copy your daily backup from your BackupMaster to an external drive for additional security. The process for backing up your data is already user-friendly, but Invicta Linux provide additional training training to staff and admin as part of the business package. The BackupMaster is a stand-alone product and is not included in our contract hire range. Prices from £1250.00 configured, installed and ready to protect your data.

What is BackupMaster ?

BackupMaster is a server dedicated to storing your company’s routine backups, it provides businesses with a robust backup solution that is built on reliable, secure open source servers.

What are the benefits of BackupMaster ?

The main benefit of BackupMaster is that it is kept at your premises and is a physical, secure place to send and store your company backups. BackupMaster features:

Automatically Syncs 

Set a time and frequency for your BackupMaster to automatically update which means that you do not have to remember or be in the office to ensure that your files are backed up. Giving you piece of mind and the flexibility to work without having to be at the office to back up files.

Server is On Premise

physically own and store the BackupMaster, which means that you will retain full ownership of the data and do not have to rely on an outside company.

Small Physical Server

 You will be able to easily store it in your office, which means it will not take up a huge amount of valuable space and will not make much noise meaning that you can work uninterrupted by noisy servers.

One Time Cost

 Pay a one off fee without the hassle of paying ongoing, unending monthly fees, which means that in the long term backupMaster is cost effective; budgeting is also easy as it will not interfere with long term cash flow.

Customisable to your business

Set the frequency of your backup depending on how valuable your data is. You can also choose exactly what the system backs up, which means that you will always have an up to date copy of your data and will never lose more than you can afford to. You can see when it is working – easy to administrate and see exactly when your data was last backed up and how much data was saved, which means that you know your backupmaster is working and do not have to trust that it might be.

Compatible with removable hard drives

Copy any/all data from the backupmaster onto removable storage devices giving you an easy off site backup, which means that you do not have to pay for a costly hosted backup system as well. It also means that you will have more than one copy of your data doubling your backup capabilities. Robust – trust the BackupMaster to work for 4 years (no guarantee), which means that the system is Cost effective – can you put a price on your data?

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