Document Management System

Document Management System

Paperwork is a problem. Invoices, purchase orders, manuals, agreements, the list is endless and much of it has to be held onto for seven whole years, minimum.

Our answer is SeedDMS, which totally takes the hassle away. No more storing vast forests of paperwork, no more printing, no more ploughing through 20 lever-arch folders trying to find an invoice that got misfiled two years ago. 

What is SeedDMS?

SeedDMS is a document management system (or DMS for short) with an easy to use web-based user interface. It’s open source which means no licence fees, no matter how many users you have.

SeedDMS comes with a wide range of features, and functions including:

  • Separate approval and reviewing stages
  • Individual and group based functions
  • Keywords, allowing for easy searching
  • Full-text search engine

How does SeedDMS work?

Most invoices are sent and received as PDFs these days and can be easily uploaded. Once uploaded you can set your document to go through review and/or approval stages. Essentially this means there can be two step verification on critical documents that get uploaded, especially useful for documents where accuracy is critical like invoices or health and safety procedures.

So any digital document is easily uploaded, but what about those parking, fuel and shop invoices that are still handed over in print format? Well, they’re easy, too. We scan these in using a mobile phone app (any scanner will do). Simply line up the crumpled scrap of paper, click – and it’s done. After these simple steps, you then have the immense satisfaction of consigning the invoice to the shredder.

You can do all manner of searches to find your document. So, if I want to find out how many times you’ve paid the ULEZ charge, for instance, simply search for ‘ULEZ’, and they they are.

Another very important point is that your data is always owned, held and controlled by you, not held in some distant cloud.

We offer SeedDMS under our Contract Hire scheme, which means we build your SeedDMS server, configure SeedDMS to your specification, monitor it (not your data, just the health of the server), answer any questions you have and help you whenever you need us – all for a fixed monthly fee.

So, just contact us and find out more about taking the pain away from your document management.

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