Voip Unlimited

Voip Unlimited

In over a decade, Voip Unlimited have had a timeline like no other. With outstanding organic growth they have been able to invest in their ‘Rolls Royce’ network and continually improve their products and services.

The people at Voip Unlimited really care. They are a techy team who want to provide the best. Across the company they have some of the most talented leaders in the industry and are extremely proud of what they deliver.

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Simplified Solutions. Unparalleled Protection

  • Business SIP
  • Business Cloud Telephony: Voip Exchange
  • Channel Broadband

The telephony solution provides my business with increased flexibility across multiple branches. Implementation was painless and the call quality is excellent. 

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Why choose SIP?

VoIP telephony allows you to run multiple calls at the same time and call from anywhere in the world, using the same number and significantly save on costs.

Unlike a physical copper phone line, VoIP numbers are not attached to any geographic location, meaning you can call from any international number or any area code, providing a huge degree of flexibility for businesses.

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Business Cloud Telephony: Voip Exchange

Voip Exchange is a Cloud Telephony System which sits in the cloud as opposed to your office. With several features, Voip Exchange allows your business communications to thrive and keep up with today’s fast moving world of tech.

The Voip Exchange solution has been designed to be user friendly, without sacrificing functionality. As a result, this enables you to take your dynamic telephony needs into your own hands, requiring the use of external IT teams as little as possible.

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Why choose Voip Unlimited for business Broadband

Effective broadband delivery is vital for businesses to operate. Voip Unlimited has consistently invested in its core network, providing the resilience and subsequent reliability their broadband customers come to expect of a business grade service provider.

  • SLA Upgrade and provisioning expedite option available on all ADSL circuits..
  • A static IP address is included with all circuits, free of charge.
  • Ideal for SIP trunk customers who want a guaranteed positive experience.
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