Keep IT Simple, Stupid!


When we think about the word ‘simple’ we often think of easy, or not particularly functional. But when it comes to your computer system, this definition is most definitely a misnomer because keeping it simple can greatly improve efficiency and overall productivity.blog1

The key to simplicity is not to reduce the functionality of a system but to reduce the amount of hassle involved in getting things done. That’s the whole point of technology, surely?
But computer systems can be complicated and lack any level of recognisable intuition. In our experience there are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, training is often an afterthought and it is frequently assumed that people will ‘figure it out as they go along’, so any level of optional training, if offered, is often rejected. But leaving users to figure out a system on their own, or handing them a manual or YouTube video, is not going to get the best result. Proper training and ongoing support will lead to a comfort level that will ensure success. To get the best from a system, users need to know that they are not alone, that help is available, and they should know where to go and be encouraged to seek that help.


Secondly, and most critically, information technology is an industry where jargon is rife and simple, straightforward communication does not always come naturally. Anyone who has spent time with a techie knows this well: we can be a peculiar and confusing bunch of nerds who do not always take the time to explain things fully. This often leads to inflated expectations, misunderstandings, specification creep and, ultimately, an IT system that is disappointing, horribly complicated and difficult to use – if it does the job at all. Simplicity and openness between IT professionals, and those they work for, are essential to make IT effective in the long term and the power of a simple conversation is often highly underrated, both before and after the job is complete.

The UK is made by its small businesses and they are increasingly being left behind by IT. Microsoft are driving businesses into their cloud solution and business owners are often forced into a choice between sacrificing data security and privacy or spending thousands on a new system that will quickly become obsolete. By simplifying the process and keeping the focus on what functions your computer system needs to perform, rather than how complicated it can be, small businesses can have the benefits that are only viable with enterprise-scale IT budgets. All it takes is a simple, honest chat about your business and good quality, on-going, training and support.

This focus on simplicity is why our affordable, tailor-made systems are so popular. If you want to talk to us about how IT may help your business then contact us on 0330 2020139 or

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