The future (and computing)

Our technical Director Kieran Chakravorty has some thoughts regarding computers. Here’s one of them… As anyone could easily guess after one look at my black rimmed glasses, socially awkward posture and utter lack of fashion sense – I am a computer geek. Therefore rather than being connected to human beings like most sane people are, … Read more

6 ways to avoid an IT disaster

As sure as death, children and taxes, you are going to experience an IT disaster at least once in the course of your life. The main problem is finding the right way to protect your computers and computer protection is kind of like clothing. One size doesn’t fit all and different occasions require a different … Read more

10 types of people you meet in every office

Well, maybe not every office, but plenty have their fair share of these types. Do you know one of these? If you don’t, you may be one yourself. Don’t worry, there is help for you: HR. 1) the passive aggressor This person won’t ever complain directly about anything.These are the kind of people who leave … Read more

5 tips for staying safe online

It is well known that the internet has a dark side. Just as you try to stay safe away from the computer, it is important to put the same amount of effort in when you’re online. Here’s 5 of our best tips for safer browsing: 1.) Make a list of all your social media accounts. … Read more

It took me 5 minutes…

‘On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog…’ It took me 5 minutes to find out everything about him, including enough to effectively guess his Facebook password outright. 5 minutes. No tricks, no dirty means, no hacking accounts, just a simple internet search and a name. In my free time I admin a group … Read more