The future (and computing)


Our technical Director Kieran Chakravorty has some thoughts regarding computers. Here’s one of them…

As anyone could easily guess after one look at my black rimmed glasses, socially awkward posture and utter lack of fashion sense – I am a computer geek. Therefore rather than being connected to human beings like most sane people are, I spend my time around devices that seem to be actively trying to give me a stress related heart attack 90% of the time.

I accept my fate gladly, but it does give me time to ponder on where we are going as a species. When I was growing up computers weren’t common in households at all, now it’s uncommon not to have multiple computers personally (how many of you don’t have at least two of the following: laptop/smartphone/PC/tablet?). This is only one change, I could go into the space race of the 60’s compared to Virgin Galactic now, but I won’t. The changes are just staggering.

The key to the future as far as I’m concerned is in the understanding and acceptance of new technology. People today are far happier to buy and embrace new tech than they used to be, the fact that BYOD is a thing is proof of that alone. This can only go further with people expecting their very lives to be shaped by the electronics they choose to own and use. The other major difference I see is the increase in the ‘homebrew’ market (for want of a better term). Today the electronics market is basically run by a handful of companies, but I see people rebelling against that and the power being back in the hands of the home inventor.

These reasons (and more) are why I’m such a big advocate of Open Source. The basic ideology is to empower people, not aid capitalism which in turn restricts growth. There is always a place for the big powerhouses of the world, eg, Google, Microsoft, Apple but I don’t believe they should or will own 90% of the market for long. People are going to see that they can have what the want, the way they want it.

If you all don’t believe me just look up the Raspberry Pi. Tiny board, Linux OS, 1000’s of uses. This is only the beginning, some big changes are on the horizon.

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