3 Open Source business alternatives to Microsoft


Microsoft has been considered the standard in the business world for so long now that most of us aren’t even aware that there are alternatives. Well, guess what – there are alternatives, perfectly designed for small to medium sized businesses.

Here are 3 products you should be considering:

  1. Kerio Connect
  2. Kerio Control
  3. Kerio Operator

Kerio Connect

Kerio connect iconA complete messaging and collaboration system for small to medium sized businesses. Connect combines email, company calendar and a long list of features including smart anti-spam, archiving and a user-friendly admin interface that can be accessed via any standard web browser.

We actually use Connect in-house and personally, I prefer it to any other business email system I’ve ever used. It’s like Outlook on steroids, just as easy to use, but more professional and the built in company calender definitely helps our office stay organised.

Kerio Control

KerioControl_Icon_ColorKerio Control is a Unified Threat Management system, designed to protect businesses from a variety of threats in real time. Control features VPN capabilities, load balancing and firewall. What’s more, you can keep tract of user traffic and online activity via a web interface.

It’s especially effective for businesses because of its ability to work with your network, with deployment in any IT environment.

From an individual point of view, logging in and looking at your own web activity will really make you think about how much time you spend looking at Twitter! It definitely helps with staff self policing, but the tracking isn’t designed to spy on your colleagues; it’s so that if there is an attack on your network, the source can be found and dealt with immediately. That way your business is protected from a variety of threats both outside and within your network.

Kerio Operator

KerioOperator_Icon_ColorOperator is a VoIP telephony system designed to improve business efficiency and encourage growth for smaller organisations. It allows businesses to improve their communication whilst controlling costs.

Again, as with Control, you get a user friendly admin interface that allows you to keep a call record and simply click numbers to call contacts. It’s useful if you work on a reception and want to keep track of ‘spam’ numbers and VIPs. It’s really useful if you work in sales and need to keep track of targets.

These products are all excellent alternatives to what is considered the industry standard in business computer systems. We use them in-house ourselves, which means that we get a first hand look at any updates and can give direct feedback to Kerio, which allows them to improve their services. If you are looking for alternatives to Microsoft, these are definitely worth considering.

– Blog post by Jess Brown, marketing manager for Invicta Linux.

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