The people at Invicta Linux have a long history within the IT industry and are market leaders in supplying premium solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Our ethos is to provide the products and services that are right for you and your business objectives.

Our client satisfaction rating is 100% positive and we are proud to have received some wonderful feedback. Here's a snippet: "I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with such an honest and genuine bunch as you guys. Your transparency and desire to do the best job possible has been a breath of fresh air, so thank you."

What can we do for you

We have a portfolio of products and services which we frequently review against others on the market. That means we don't recommend the product or service that earns us the most commission, but the one that best suits your environment. Every product we recommend, we use ourselves. We don't have a sales team and we hope we'll never be burdened with one. Not that there's anything wrong with salespeople, it's just that our small, dedicated workforce allows us to be flexible and responsive.


As well as providing advice and support, we also partner with many highly-rated distributors and supplies for licenses and SaaS services. We don't just act as the middle man though, we provide advice and support when things don't go as smoothly as anticipated. One of our clients has the enviable job of piloting a yacht and when their passengers couldn't get the promised bandwidth mid-ocean, we were there to help (remotely unfortunately!), "Just a quick one to say thank to you and your team for all the assistance, greatly appreciated!"

We are committed, enthusiastic, conscientious and we listen to our clients.

Call us and have a chat. We'd love to hear from you.

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