VoIP telephony for Spurling Cannon

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VoIP: the Benefits.

With Spurling Cannon Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors



  • 70% decrease in telecommunications service costs annually
  • Easy and efficient administration
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • High reliability
  • Retain existing equipment


As early adopters of VoIP telephony, the Directors at Spurling Cannon, were familiar with the benefits. But as the Company expanded, they became increasingly frustrated with their hosted system.

Their existing hosted VoIP phone system was impossible to administer, and even the smallest alterations had to go through their provider. Costs for support, no matter the severity of the problem, were high and the invoices difficult to decipherer. And, worst of all, service interruption was all too common.

With another Spurling Cannon branch about to open, the time had come to consider a change.


Invicta Linux Limited recommended a VoIP package built on a Linux system. After a demonstration, Philip Loveridge, the Director responsible for IT, knew that the solution would deliver far more than their current system and at a manageable, predictable cost.

The office telephone numbers were ported to the new system, which was implemented with minimum disruption. A few Snom desktops and Yealink DECT phones were added to the existing Cisco units, which were reconfigured to work with the new system.

A dedicated ADSL line for voice traffic made sense and a SIP trunk was organised. Because of the previous experience with outages, Invicta Linux suggested the addition of a PSTN card to the server to ensure an alternative was available should the dedicated line fail.


Since switching to VoIP, Spurling Cannon saves over 70% annually on their telecommunications service costs, and this meant that the initial installation costs were recovered within the first few months. Installation was quick and easy with the help of Invicta Linux. With their recommended SIP provider, VoIP Unlimited, lines were running within an hour. Previously, when staff moved between offices, moving their phone lines was a long process - moving the physical phones, creating patches, setting up voicemail. Staff can unplug their phone at one desk, take it to their new office, plug-in and they are done.

When the second office first opened, all calls were routed through the main office, where reception staff transferred calls to the appropriate office and person. When the second office grew, Spurling Cannon simply used an existing number and reconfigured the system to direct calls straight to the appropriate office. Users are able to redirect their calls so important calls are never missed.

Spurling Cannon have an easy to manage, cost-effective and flexible phone system that will meet their needs for many years to come.