Moving data and email from OneDrive & 365 to on-premise

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8th August 2019
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Moving data and email from cloud services to on-premise location for faster, more secure access


  • Kerio Connect: fast loading messaging, available on any device
  • Nextcloud: Secure self-hosted productivity platform
  • Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device, anywhere. Just like Dropbox only far more secure
  • No cloud subscriptions costs
  • Enhanced security
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • High reliability
  • Retention of existing equipment

About Giles Oliver

A well-established fit out and refurbishment main contractor, specialising in the commercial, office, retail and high-end residential sectors. We have built up an impressive list of clients, many of whom provide us with a high level of repeat business and have done so for many years.


We were reasonably happy with our existing set-up, although had experienced some issues along the way. We used Microsoft OneDrive and Outlook for emails. The system was fine, but emails took a long while to load, which was frustrating. When our existing IT support relocated, we decided to seek out another company. We asked around and were recommended to Invicta Linux Ltd.


Invicta Linux Limited reviewed our system and suggested a few changes. We considered their proposal and decided it made sense and gave them the go-ahead. The first thing to do was transfer the domain from our existing provider. In the meantime our new server was built to incorporate two virtualised instances: Nextcloud (private cloud) and Kerio Connect, for email and calendaring.

Invicta Linux recommended their Contract Hire scheme, which enables us to have full possession and control of our IT and data without having the hassle – and potential expense - of ownership. The focus is on control and privacy.


The first thing we noticed was the loading speed of our emails. We had to wait literally minutes for Outlook, but with Kerio Connect webmail the process takes a second. The interface is far more straightforward than Outlook and, while we used Outlook at first after the new server was in, we have since left Outlook behind and work solely using our mobile phones and the webmail. Instant messaging has proved useful too, and saves having to write an email when all you want is a quick answer to a question.

Nextcloud has also become a firm favourite. Our people can upload photos and share them with the office team in seconds. Files, photos and drawings can be shared with contractors and clients, and we always have full control of what goes to who as Nextcloud is based within our office, a key upgrade over OneDrive. This means we feel confident and comfortable when we share data.

The filing system is just that – a standard network file system. We can create users, folders and just about anything else you’d expect from a data store. Except everything happens much faster than it used to as the data doesn’t have to travel over the wires to reach us, perfect for secure data.

We’re very pleased with the Contract Hire scheme, too. All the maintenance, checks and support is covered and Invicta Linux monitor the server to make sure everything is working as best it can, especially handy as we don’t have to worry about becoming IT experts.

The biggest plus for us is we know exactly how much our IT is costing on a month to month basis and we don’t get unexpected invoices.