Virtualised mailserver & datastore, with flexible UTM for load balancing and failover

3D Displays – EOS Server with private cloud, data store and email
22nd February 2018

"Although computers were not viewed as the backbone of the company, it was nevertheless important to move forward with a system that would support account and estimation packages, the internet and emails, and at the same time be cost effective and secure, with a degree of flexibility built in.

Kieran Chakravorty was easy to work with from the start, and he's great now! We have a strong working relationship and I know I can trust Invicta Linux to get to the root of any problems and find the solution without any fuss. The new system has improved the quality of our IT provision, but to be honest the server upgrade didn't have a huge effect on everyone and there was minimum disruption to our daily working lives.


We didn't want to be left behind and we were looking for longevity. What we have now performs and gives us just what Invicta Linux said it would and we have the confidence that the system is flexible, low maintenance and robust."

- Jamie Hardy, Director, Byford Roofing