Spurling Cannon

Kerio Operator VoIP telephony with Spurling Cannon, chartered certified accountants and registered auditors.

"As early adopters of VoIP, we were familiar with the benefits. However, we were supplied with a hosted VOIP system, which was not in our control and all changes – however minor - had to go through external support. The invoicing was also spectacularly complicated.

When Invicta Linux demonstrated their Operator VoIP system, it looked very simple to administer, provided huge flexibility, included an interface for the users and the server could be located at one of our offices.

We saw huge benefits after the change-over, allowing us system flexibility and save call costs at the same time.

When our office in Ashford opened, we simply provided VoIP ready phones and added them to the VoIP server at Broadstairs. No need for delays waiting for the phone lines to be installed and all calls are now controlled through the main office. Kieran from Invicta Linux, installed the system quickly, professionally and worked with us to get us set up the way we wanted it.

Just recently, as part of our on-going restructuring, we recently migrated to a hosted IRIS system and needed some expertise to help. Invicta Linux took up the challenge and migrated it all over seamlessly.”

- Phil Loveridge, Director