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Kerio Control UTM

"I’m still extremely impressed with Control. It’s a genuinely fantastic product. Within several hours of using it I found myself much more comfortable with administering our network security configuration than I’d ever been when dealing with our old Juniper hardware. It provides a transparent and flexible solution that makes the task of looking after this environment a lot less frightening than before." "The guys at Invicta Linux couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful throughout the implementation and training stages of this project and any queries that I’ve raised with them following Control’s inception have been expertly understood, handled, explained and resolved. ​ I deal, and have dealt with, a wide variety of vendors and consultants and can honestly say that I’ve never worked with such an honest and genuine bunch as Invicta Linux. Their transparency and desire to do the best job possible has been a breath of fresh air, so thank you." - Luke Hopkins, Quote me today