Private Cloud Storage

Our Cloud is a private, secure, on-premise box that has all the flexibility of the Cloud, but none of the security drawbacks.

What is the Cloud?

The most recent change in technology has been the emergence of Cloud computing. This involves usage of network servers that are located off-site.
People access remote servers via the internet to manage, store and process relevant data, rather than on the personal computer or a server located in the office or home.

Why not Dropbox?

Consumer cloud-based file sharing services, like Dropbox, store your sensitive company data on servers outside of your control, outside of your policy and regulatory guidelines – maybe even outside your country – and not managed by you. The potential for data leakage, security breaches and harm to your business is enormous.

Keep data locally.

These concerns are reflected in many business owners’ attitude towards the Cloud and the majority would prefer to keep their data locally. Invicta Linux are providing solutions to businesses that want to keep their data under their control, right where they can see it.