Server and Datastore

Simple. Reliable. Durable.

With PinQ data storage your file structure can be as simple or as intricate as you want to make it.

Our PinQ datastore is a robust and reliabe data storage unit with networking and archiving features. It provides flexible data storage to businesses without the need for software licences.

PinQ can store important files safely in a central location of your choosing, for as long as it is needed.


  • Central file management
  • Flexible authentication and permissions system
  • No license fees
  • Tower or Rack available
  • Fully compatible with all major OS’s
  • Linux OS (psst: best file performance and reliability)
  • Future proofing, allowing for Bottled Cloud or Connect later
  • Easy to back up to any device

Rental or Purchase

We provide our servers to you either on a rental agreement or you can purchase outright. All our rentals are fully supported, so the fee not only covers the product but also all future support, service failures and replacement hardware. Call us for a demonstration. You will be pleasantly surprised at its ease, familiarity and low maintenance demands.