John Hellyar Plastics

UTM Firewall

"We had a good firewall, but the manufactures had announced end-of-support, meaning there would be no new firmware to keep the appliance updated. We looked at the market and dismissed some products that offered far too much complexity for our needs and rejected others because they were too basic. We needed something that would defend our network against the ever-growing threats, wasn’t a full-time job to administer and would provide some advanced features such as load balancing and VPN access. Invicta Linux recommended a product they had been testing and once they demonstrated it to us, we knew we'd found the right solution. Control UTM is beautifully simple to administer and yet does all the things you'd expect it to do as far as protecting the network from outside and inside threats. Web access control allows you to fine-tune group access, making administration easy. The VPN clients are unrestricted and straight-forward to use. We can set up as many as we need without incurring additional costs. When we needed to expand, we didn't need to purchase a larger appliance because Invicta Linux had built the UTM on a microserver, which we were able to upgrade. All the configuration was simply transferred to the replacement server with no down-time. The firmware gets updated regularly to meet new threats, with a major release once or twice a year so we know we're always protected." - Mark Taylor, IT Manager