Welcome to Invicta Linux

Our tailor-made computer systems are known for flexibility, security and mobility.
Powered by the software that NASA, Google and Amazon are built on, our IT solutions have a proven track-record of improving businesses by enabling SMEs to utilise the premium IT systems that were once reserved for big business IT budgets.
With over two decades of experience in IT and a 100% satisfaction rate among our customers, we will deliver a system tailored for your needs.

Linux and Open Source

Today more and more decision makers, including IT professionals, businesses of all sizes - as well as “the big guys” - value open source for business continuity, quality, security, and control.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server. It provides access to your data through a web interface while providing a platform to view and share — all under your control.

Security and Threat Management

Protecting the perimeter of your network is an absolute necessity. Browse through the award-winning products and services we recommend to shore up your network defences.

VoIP Telephony

Designed for businesses on the go and with a range of unique features, IP telephony is the future in business communications. Cloud or on-premise.

Training and Support

We provide staff and admin training for our products, keeping your business running smoothly. We include training as part of our product packages.

Kerio Technologies

Kerio Technologies offer a wide range of award-winning products and services for businesses of any size. We are proud to be Kerio Preferred Partners.

PinQ Server and Data Store

Our PinQ server and data store provides a secure server environment and data storage without the need for licences. These servers are tough and resilient.

Easy Office Server

Imagine a system that combines the best features from Dropbox, MS Exchange and the iconic Small Business Server, in one powerful package.

Backup / DR

Our BackupMaster offers businesses a robust backup solution that is built on reliable, secure open source servers. And it’s all under your control.

"Our on-line print ordering service required customers to be able to upload large files without causing a bottle neck. The files were too large to send by email most of the time and we didn't feel that using file-sharing sites was a professional solution. Invicta Linux's engineers modified our network and seamlessly integrated one of their 'private clouds'. Now clients can upload artwork and collect high-resolution proofs 24/7 and there is no need to clog up the emails. The on-premise cloud solution has other useful features such as full version control, so if we have to check revisions or take a step back we can do so quickly and easily. Bottled cloud has given us a competitive edge and we see it becoming essential as we provide more and more digital facilities."

"We saw huge benefits after the change-over, allowing us system flexibility and save call costs at the same time:

  • 70% decrease in telecommunications service costs annually
  • Easy and efficient administration
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • High reliability
  • Retain existing equipment"

"I’m extremely impressed with Control. It’s a genuinely fantastic product. Within several hours of using it I found myself much more comfortable with administering our network security configuration than I’d ever been when dealing with our old Juniper hardware. It provides a transparent and flexible solution that makes the task of looking after this environment a lot less frightening than before."

"We're very happy with the results. Swapping from a Windows infrastructure to Open Source with the addition of a Drobo drive for our data store has allowed us to simplify our network without any major loss of features."